RiskHunter for Evraz Plc (Evraz)
Period: 2020-2022
Evraz Plc (Evraz) is a vertically integrated steel company. It carries out the production of steel, coal and vanadium products. Steel division of Evraz consists of four metallurgical plants.

2022 revenue of the steel division: 10bln$
RiskHunter implementation in numbers
  • 22 000+ users
  • 180 000+ potential risks identified
  • 150 000+ risks eliminated
  • 583 risks of possible fatal injury identified and eliminated

The implementation of the application helped achieve the following results:

  • Create a convenient mechanism for recording violations of industrial safety rules
  • Provide monitoring of the overall safety level in production, increase the level of labor protection efficiency
  • Engage employees in the process of identifying production risks through gamification tools
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