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Project and Portfolio Management
Boost efficiency of large-scale state projects and any other national,
provincial or municipal programs

Large-scale projects are difficult to control, as thousands of participants are involved in the implementation of the project

In many cases, there is no single information space for project management: schedules and milestones are maintained in MS Project, agreements are stored in SAP ERP, project budget is maintained in Excel, document workflow is carried out in the EDMS, analysis of project performance is carried out in the BI system, geographical information is stored in the GIS

Based on our experience in working with the public sector, we have developed an integrated solution for managing national and regional projects

PPM solution from KRIT provides common workspace for managing large-scale projects allowing all stakeholders to make decisions based on reliable and relevant information

Large projects entail significant risks

    of large projects end up over budget (*)

    (*) B. Flyvbjerg, “What You Should Know About Megaprojects and Why: An Overview,” Project Management Journal 45, no. 2 (April-May 2014): 6-19; and A. Davies, M. Dodgson, and D.M. Gann, “Innovation and Flexibility in Megaprojects: A New Delivery Model,” in “The Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management,” ed. B. Flyvbjerg (Oxford, U.K.: Oxford University Press, 2017), 313-338.

    (**) The Sidney Opera House construction: A case of project management failure

  • Define project and subprojects
    Create a master project with subprojects that includes all necessary attributes, such as budgets, milestones, tasks, resources, and geographical location
  • Task management
    Plan, organize, and track tasks to ensure that they are completed efficiently and effectively
  • Schedule management
    Create and visualize project schedules that outline the tasks to be completed, assigning priorities to those tasks, and allocating appropriate amounts of time to each task
  • Project budget management
    Create short-term and medium-term budgets and perform budgetary control
  • Progress and milestones tracking
    Identify progress for the project and set milestones that define specific stages of the project using a Gantt chart
  • Project document management
    Approve work completion and store project documents without an Electronic Document Management System
  • Change management
    Identify the need for change, create a plan to implement the change, and manage the transition to the new process or task
  • KPI and goals monitoring
    Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and goals for a project identifying the most important metrics that will be used to measure the project's success
  • Analytical reports and executive dashboards
    Analyse detailed information about the project as well as a high-level overview of KPIs and other important metrics
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