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Enterprise mobile applications
Streamline complicated operations in sales, procurement, warehouse management,
human resources and more using KRIT’s corporate mobile apps
The trend of enterprise mobility is gaining traction as businesses recognize the advantages of incorporating mobile apps into their IT landscape systems, such as:
  • Increased efficiency and productivity: By implementing mobile apps integrated with legacy IT systems, employees can access important data and information from anywhere, increasing their productivity
  • Cost savings: Enterprise mobility can significantly reduce operating costs through improved workflows, reduced paperwork, and manual data entry
  • Better decision-making: With real-time access to vital business information, decision-makers can make more informed decisions, leading to improved business outcomes
  • Flexibility and scalability: Enterprise mobile apps can help businesses to easily adapt to changing operational needs and helping enterprises to grow and expand their business

KRIT’s corporate mobile solutions
HR Connect
    HR Connect is a mobile solution providing employees with corporate HR services and information. HR Connect helps staff stay in course of corporate events, news and regulations, save time when submitting and tracking documents, provide feedback or communicate with HR department.

    Mobile app contains the following sections:

    • Welcome screen 
    • News
    • HR Services 
    • Contacts
    • Personal profile 
    • Polls
    • Chat
    HR Connect also notifies an employee when a document is ready, vaccination\training is due, or qualification certificate is about to expire.
Procurement Workplace
    Procurement managers often use many IT systems in their work: SRM, EDMS, marketplaces, BI tools, etc. KRIT has developed an integrated mobile + web solution that provides a single procurement workplace integrating all corporate resources.

    Features include:

    • Supplier management
    • Order management incl. orders review, approval & tracking
    • Inventory management
    • PPE supply management
    • Reclamations management
    • Marketplace access Analytics

EDM mobile app

    Electronic document management systems are used in all large companies. At the same time, standard mobile applications supplied with the EDMS often have an outdated interface, work slowly and are limited in functionality.

    KRIT offers a modern, convenient and productive mobile application that can work with various EDMS and which provides all employees with the option of on-the-go viewing, commenting and approving documents.

    The solution increases the efficiency of working with documents, reduces the time required for their reviewing and approving.

Mobile solution for retail

    For the past 7 years, KRIT has been successfully developing and implementing the Retail Kit solution for accounting and analytical operations in retail stores and warehouses.

    The Retail Kit solution is an open product, which allows customers to maintain and develop it independently. The solution consists of the following modules:

    • Logistics
    • Sales and inventory management
    • Promotions
    • Production and quality control"
  • Increased Efficiency
    KRIT’s mobile solutions streamline processes, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing operational efficiency
  • Improved Communication
    KRIT’s mobile solutions enable real-time communication between teams, allowing for faster decision-making and issue resolution
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
    KRIT’s mobile solutions provide a seamless experience for customers, improving engagement and loyalty
  • Better Data Management
    KRIT’s mobile solutions enable easy data capture and storage, allowing for better data management and analysis
  • Cost Savings
    KRIT’s mobile solutions reduce the need for physical infrastructure and resources, resulting in cost savings for the business
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