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Augmented Reality
The solution combines augmented reality, indoor navigation
and voice assistance
AR Assistant for industrial enterprise

  • AR remote assistance 

Field technician in a remote location can use AR solution to instantly connect with a subject-matter expert

  • Complex manufacturing 

Operators and engineers use AR glasses on the plant floor to aid troubleshooting, manage configurations and build complex machinery

  • Navigation and order fulfillment 

Show warehouse workers where to look for different objects within the building

AR Assistant for retail
The solution combines augmented reality, indoor navigation and voice assistance
    • Hands-free work
    • Talk to the system
    • 17% faster store inspections
    • 10% faster inventory, goods movement and write-offs
    • 100% higher price tag accuracy
Augmented reality for retail speeds up the process of performing day to day tasks
    • Regular store inspections
    • Inventory, write-off and moving
    • Checks of the goods on the shelves
    • Timely control of expiration dates
    • Print price tags
In-store guidance
  • Follow the path
    AR solution guides the employees along the predefined in-store route and reminds them of the tasks they need to perform
  • Complete check lists
    An employee will receive voice and text commands from the system and must complete his task
  • Scan and act
    Scan bar code using camera or Bluetooth scanner to get all important product information right into your AR glasses
  • Printing price tags
    Print new price tags with a mobile printer to replace missing and incorrect ones
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