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Increase safety and prevent industrial injuries by adding game elements
to non-game activities
  1. Industrial injuries are traditionally considered an integral part of large industrial enterprises
  2. Huge factories, complex mechanical equipment in the workshops, many risks around – all this contributes to strengthening the opinion that it is impossible to work without injuries
RiskHunter will help you act in a new way: involve all employees in the process of increasing safety, build a dialogue with them and use positive motivation!
Watch how it works
Employee’s mobile app
    • If a worker sees a place where he can get injured, he takes a photo using his mobile app
    • For each photo taken, he receives points
    • Upon reaching a certain number of points, the worker receives a badge or a valuable prize
    • All photos are sent to the risk manager, who is responsible for eliminating the risk
Risk Manager Workplace
    • After the employee has sent the risk through the mobile application, the risk manager responsible for the territory receives a notification (in his mobile application)
    • After checking the validity of the registered risk, the risk manager puts it in the "In progress" state and assigns measures to eliminate it
    • As a result of the elimination, the risk manager takes a photo and attaches it to the corresponding risk. An employee who has reported a dangerous situation receives a message that the risk has been eliminated and bonus points have been awarded to him
Hunting Season: when the game starts...
    • This is the period of time during which an employee, team, team or company performs various tasks, receives points for it, thereby increasing their rating among the other participants of the season
    • During the Hunting Season, you can see competitive placement of all teams, plants, factories on the Leaderboard which motivates participants to register more risks
    • In each season there is a main prize, which is awarded to the team or user who has completed the most tasks and received the most bonus points
In-app badges and prizes
    • Best performing participant receives personal badges
    • Upon reaching a certain number of points, the participant can exchange them for a valuable prize: vacation certificate, cosmetics, dress certificate etc.
Long-term effects
  • Internal Competitions for Risk Identification
    Engages employees in the risk identification process through internal competitions (between plants or workshops)
  • Increasing Employee Attentiveness
    Gradually increases the attentiveness and intolerance of employees towards risks
  • Cost-Effective EHS Involvement
    Reduces costs on dedicated EHS personnel by involving the entire workforce in the process
  • Improving the Enterprise's Safety System
    Improves the entire safety control system in the enterprise
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