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AI & AR powered Crowdsourcing Platform

Safety Crowdsourcing

Safety Crowdsourcing is a revolutionary approach to workplace safety that encourages all employees to play an active role in identifying and mitigating risks and performing other safety-related activities

It is a method of building safety culture through a unique motivation system

Safety Crowdsourcing is realized in practice as a corporate information system with a mobile app, available to all employees – RiskHunter

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Employee’s mobile app
    • Spot a risk and make photo using mobile app
    • Comment and send
    • Get risk validated by Risk Manager
    • Receive a reward upon reaching a certain number of points

Risk Manager Workplace

    It is a safety professionals’ control center providing tools for safety crowdsourcing management.

    • Risks validation and elimination

    • HSE Dashboard

    • Safety tasks management

    • Motivation management

    • Instant notifications

Material Motivation

    For each safety-related task, like a valid risk report or safety training, an employee gets points that can be exchanged for material rewards like cash, discount code, gift certificate, etc.


Gamification & Hunting Season

    Performance is motivated by personal badges:


    This motivation is inspired by fitness apps and games. It encourages users to be consistent in practicing risk hunting. Example: if a user reports 5 or more risks in a month he receives a medal badge

    Hunting Season

    Extra points for a specific type of hazard: Electrical safety, Risk of falling from height, Equipment safety, etc…

    Helps to focus attention and support engagement over a long time

RiskHunter Platform
  • AR Assistant
    Augmented Reality: AR assistant will help safety professionals and safety representatives to perform regular inspections
  • RiskHunter
    Safety Crowdsourcing: RiskHunter will motivate and equip every employee to take care of their workplace safety
  • AI Assistant
    Artificial Intelligence: AI Assistant will accumulate safety expertise and help non-safety personnel to take care of safety like a pro
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How AI and AR Assistants Can Help with Risk Detection
AI-Powered Hazard Recognition
AI Assistant will use the power of big data to help an employee to recognize a hazard by analyzing photo/video
AR Guides Inspections Step-by-Step
AR Assistant navigates the inspector along a pathway and at each checkpoint inspectors validate their presence and conduct evaluations using an Inspection Checklist
Smart Risk Detection with Photos & Videos
Using RiskHunter an employee will take a picture or video and AI will highlight the areas or objects that can be potentially harmful
Systematic Inspections Made Easy
Following the completion of each checklist, the application directs the inspector to the subsequent checkpoint, ensuring a thorough and systematic inspection process
Safety Team Workplace
Real-Time Risk Reporting & Notifications
When an employee reports the risk by the mobile application, the risk manager responsible for the territory receives a notification (in his mobile app)
Streamlined Risk Management
After validating the report, the risk manager creates a work order to eliminate it
Verified Hazard Elimination
Upon elimination, the technician takes a photo and attaches it to the corresponding risk document. The reporter receives a notification of hazard elimination
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