Project and Portfolio Management for the Lipetsk region (Russia)
Period: 2022 Lipetsk region
Project and Portfolio Management was implemented for the public administration of Lipetsk region
  • Duration 12 months  
  • 2800+ milestones  
  • 300+ users  
The Lipetsk region is located in the central part of Russia. The territory of the region is 24000 km2. It includes 313 settlements; population of the region is 1.2 million people. The basis of the region's economy is highly productive agriculture and metallurgical industry. NLMK, one of the world's largest steel companies and our client, is located in the region
PPM implementation in numbers
Number of projects managed: 
  • 47 regional projects
  • 8 municipal programs and 10 state programs

Number of construction objects: 
  • 100 road construction objects
  • 86 other construction objects 

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